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About The Friends of Massie

The Friends of Massie is a support group for the Massie Heritage Center, the 1st public school in Georgia. It is now a museum and community resource center.

This beautiful building and gardens is a must see, located in the heart of the landmark historic district.

We are an active group of dedicated volunteers who enjoy:

  • Maintaining the gardens
  • Creating “community conversations” for the benefit of residents and visitor a like
  • Supporting the maintenance of this historic building
Friends of Massie Heritage Center May Day


  • Protect Massie Heritage Center’s future as a community asset.
  • Promote Massie’s educational programming.
  • Preserve Massie’s architectural integrity.
Friends of Massie Heritage Center Membership - Join

Our Story

Massie School ceased being a public school in 1974 because it was too small to support a viable student population.  The school was a cherished institution by many local residents, especially in the downtown area.  Many people wanted assurance that Massie would be preserved and put to good use as an educational resource.  One of the greatest proponents of Massie’s preservation was Mrs. Emma Morel Adler.  Mrs. Adler became a Chatham County School Board member in 1975.  She was a Savannah native raised in the downtown historic district, and was passionate about saving the city’s historic treasures.  A specific focus of hers was on the preservation of Massie, and would remain so for the next four decades.​

To know more about the history of Friends of Massie, visit The Massie Heritage Center website.

What We Have Done

  • Interior and Exterior Renovation
  • Exhibit cabinets for Maritime Gallery
  • Native American Exhibit Renovation
  • Underwriting of Massie site film
  • Grants for removal of damaged trees in boys’ and girls’ gardens
  • Continuous maintenance of gardens with the Garden Club Savannah
  • Utilization of grants from various community organizations for lecture series
  • Development of resident awareness of community outreach
Friends of Massie Heritage Center Classroom
Friends of Massie Heritage Center Students

A Modern Mission

Over the years, the Friends of Massie has endured many changes in membership. However, it has always been a vital institution to the success of the center’s operations. The organization has raised funds for much needed exhibit improvements, living history uniforms for interpreters, programming, and a host of other needs. The Friends of Massie is a nonprofit group of volunteers whose mission is to support the Massie Heritage Center-Savannah’s museum for history and architecture. We encourage members of the public to become a part of this mission by joining this organization.

Board Members

Karen Sobol
Gale Steves
Kate Haslam
Kristin Detwiler
Kristin Lee
Patrick Phelps
Jane Sales
Mary Beth Winslow
Vaughnette Goode-Walker
Anne Balcer
Curator, Steven Smith